Olympic Village Concept - Photo credit Gensler

Economy, Land Use, Transportation

Officials Discuss Legacy of Olympic Bid

September 14, 2015 | Tags: economic competitiveness, region forward, walkability

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Energy, Environment, Transportation

Metro Steers Toward Sustainable Transportation

Metro, in partnership with Complete Coach Works (CCW), and the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG), hosted a demonstration on August 24 of a Zero Emission Propulsion System (ZEPS) all-electric bus at WMATA’s Carmen Turner Facility in Landover, Maryland. Providing hands-on opportunities to explore cutting-edge clean transportation alternatives helps to foster advancement toward Metro’s goals to increase […]

Health, Housing

Retreat Panel: Ending Homelessness is a Difficult—Not Impossible—Task

“Can we really end homelessness?” Laura Zeilinger, Director of the Department of Human Services for the District of Columbia, posed this question to area officials gathered for the 2015 Annual Council of Governments Leadership Retreat in Cambridge, MD. Although homelessness is a complex issue, Zeilinger said “we let ourselves off the hook” when eliminating homelessness […]


Workforce Development a Foundation of a Successful Regional Economic Strategy

Middle-skill jobs can provide a strong foundation for the region’s greater economic competitiveness strategy.  This was a key take-away for area officials who attended the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Annual Leadership Retreat, held last month in Cambridge, MD. Denver has formed an economic development commission with a collaborative approach to attracting and locating […]

Economy, Health & Human Services, Housing

At Annual Leadership Retreat, Officials Identify Ways to Collaborate in Building Industry, Developing Jobs, and Improving Social Services

What can make metropolitan Washington one of the most attractive places in the world for businesses and residents to locate? To consider that question, leaders from around the National Capital Region met at a Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) retreat in Cambridge, Maryland.  After a welcome from the state’s Lieutenant Governor Boyd Rutherford, the participants found a few […]

Coalition Work, Economy

Coalition Explores Innovation and Entrepreneurship on Tour of 1776

The Region Forward Coalition met at The Washington Post and toured global incubator 1776 for their quarterly meeting in July, which focused on fostering innovation and entrepreneurship in metropolitan Washington. 1776, led by Managing Director David Zipper, helps entrepreneurs enter sectors that are typically highly regulated and therefore challenging to break into, such as health […]