Map of most of the major transit improvements in the CLRP.


2014 CLRP Maps Hundreds of Highway and Transit Improvements Planned Through 2040

September 26, 2014 | Tags: 95 Express Lanes, Corridor Cities Transitway, Dulles Airport, light rail, Metrorial, Purple Line, road-widening, Silver Line Phase II, streetcar, VRE

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Chesapeake Bay Policy and Water Resources Policy Committee Members Visit Blue Plains Plant

Whether it’s used water from a sink, a toilet, dishwasher or washing machine, every day, 24-hours a day and 365 days a year that “dirty” water is treated at wastewater plants throughout the metropolitan Washington region.  For a great portion of this region, almost half of of that  wastewater is treated at the Blue Plains […]

Public Safety

9-1-1 Communications Infrastructure Essential to Safety of Region

The ability to reach emergency first responders is vital to saving lives, but in most areas of the country services like 9-1-1 calls still use outdated technologies.Upgraded emergency-communications infrastructure will be vital not only to keeping our region functioning on a daily basis, but to avoiding the problems caused when 9-1-1 communications have failed in […]

Environment, Transportation

Final 2014 CLRP Public Comment Underway

Elected officials, transportation agencies, and the public have one last opportunity to comment on this year’s update of the region’s Constrained Long-Range Transportation Plan (CLRP) before the Transportation Planning Board considers it for final approval on October 15. The TPB recently released a summary of the Draft 2014 CLRP and a number of other key supporting analyses to aid […]

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Q&A: David Snyder, Vice Mayor, City of Falls Church

David Snyder was first sworn in as a member of the City of Falls Church Council in July 1994 and has served as Mayor and Vice Mayor of the City. Snyder, who is currently serving as the Chairman of the Metropolitan Washington Air Quality Committee at COG, has been an active leader on several other […]

Coalition Work, Housing, Land Use, Transportation

Time-lapse Through Activity Centers

To best accommodate future growth, take advantage of our transportation infrastructure, protect our environment, and bolster our economy, metropolitan Washington must concentrate more development in Activity Centers. These are the 141 hubs identified by the Council of Governments where our region needs to grow. In 2013, COG approved a new map of these centers based […]