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Area Officials Focus on Housing, Employment Challenges for Lower Income Residents

Despite being one of the most prosperous regions in the nation, major economic disparities can be found throughout metropolitan Washington. For example, finding affordable housing or quality-work are significant challenges for lower income residents. To learn more about these issues and ensure all residents are included in the region’s prosperity, the Region Forward Coalition gathered […]

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Q&A: Phil Mendelson, Chairman, Council of the District of Columbia

Phil Mendelson was first elected to the Council of the District of Columbia in November of 1998 as an At-Large Councilmember. He served the District in that role until June 2012 when, following the departure of the previous Council Chairman, he was selected by his colleagues to take over that role. In November 2012, District […]

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Officials, Experts: Now’s the Time to Prepare for Additional 1.6 Million People, 1.3 Million Jobs

Growth. It’s one of the region’s most important issues, so it’s not surprising that it was once again front-and-center at the March 2014 COG Board of Directors meeting. Area leaders approved a new round of long-range forecasts, discussed economic trends with one of the region’s leading experts, and kicked off a new information and policy […]


Why It Is Hard To Find A Job In Boomtown

Since the Great Recession it is about forty percent more difficult to find a job in our region. This probably sounds both accurate and a little surprising because yes the recession was bad but there has been so much reporting the booming economy during the recovery. The charts below demonstrate how our economy has grown […]

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Activity Centers are Home to Most New Offices

Who does not like a shorter commute? Communities throughout Metropolitan Washington have worked diligently to create a network of Activity Centers that dexterously increase livability –including less time spent on congested roads and packed Metro cars- while enabling our economy to grow. Activity Centers are places that concentrate jobs, housing, retail, and amenities. This approach […]

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Activity Centers: Economic Engines and Livable Places

“For many people, this is a neighborhood where you can live, you can work, you can shop, you can have lots of cultural and recreational choices, all in the same place,” explains Harriet Tregoning, Director of the District of Columbia Office of Planning,  in describing NoMA in a new video from COG and Mobility Lab. […]

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Place + Opportunity: Strategies for Creating Great Communities and a Stronger Region

Today, the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments (COG) Board of Directors approved Place + Opportunity, a report that presents a regional framework to understand common challenges and opportunities among Activity Centers in our region. Examining a cross section of the region’s 141 Activity Centers, the Place + Opportunity Project Team conducted detailed analysis of each […]

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Bracket Challenge: Building Complete Communities in Metro Washington

Should a county put in a new Metrorail station or build a streetcar? Should a city allow for taller buildings in certain areas or implement a form-based code? Should a town promote affordable housing to buy, to rent, or both? These are some of the investment choices that Region Forward Coalition members debated during their […]

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Leaders Work to Spur Investments in Building Energy Efficiency to Create Jobs & Fight Climate Change

Financing energy retrofits has been a major focus of area leaders on the Council of Governments’ climate and energy committee since retrofit projects create jobs, increase energy efficiency, and fight climate change. Retrofit projects have also been of great interest to former President Bill Clinton, which is why he joined AFL-CIO President Richard Trumka and other […]

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Local, State Innovations Provide Way to Meet Climate Goals

As frustrating as Congress’ unwillingness to take serious action to reduce greenhouse gas emissions may be, additional legislation may not even be necessary to achieve the country’s climate mitigation goals. That was one of the key points stressed during a recent panel discussion with climate experts from the Georgetown Climate Center, Brookings and local elected […]


FBI Competition Might Make Headlines, but Area Leaders are Committed to Cooperation on Many Economic Issues

At a forum today organized by the DC Chamber of Commerce and Washington Business Journal, several top elected officials discussed regional cooperation, specifically in regards to economic development. Not surprisingly, the panel of D.C. Mayor Vince Gray, U.S. Congressman Gerry Connolly, Alexandria Mayor Bill Euille, Montgomery County Executive Isiah (Ike) Leggett, and Prince George’s County […]

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Frederick County’s Activity Centers in the Spotlight

A recent article in the Frederick News Post highlights the County’s Activity Centers and discusses in great detail how concentrating growth and development in these mixed-use places will benefit Frederick’s economy, improve the County’s quality of life, and preserve its agriculture, all while accommodating more residents. With its population of 233,000 expected to grow to […]


Henry Cisneros on Housing’s Key Role in America’s Economic Recovery

Last Thursday, Henry Cisneros, former HUD Secretary under President Clinton spoke at an event organized by the Washington Regional Association of Grantmakers as part of its Brightest Minds series. Cisneros provided first-hand insights on the evolution of the American housing market and discussed how housing will play a critical role in whether the country’s economic […]

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A Plan for Investing in Metropolitan Washington to Improve Walkability and Economic Performance

Washington, now that the sequester is officially here, what does it mean for your community? Will you see the value of your home decrease in a similar way to the housing market crash in 2008? Hopefully not. But to answer this question you might first ask yourself if you live in a walkable urban place? […]


Regional Officials on Virginia Transportation Deal: Compromise is Better than Inaction

The Virginia General Assembly came to a deal this weekend to reform transportation funding for the state. The bill will give local jurisdictions the chance to raise and allocate new local funds while also increasing the Commonwealth’s total support for roads and transit. Most elected officials and commentators know that the compromise legislation is not […]