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Latest Census Data Reveal Region’s Commuters Shifting Away from Solo Driving, but Slowly

Commuters in the Washington region have been shifting — slowly — away from driving alone as their primary method of getting to and from work, according to the latest data available from the U.S. Census Bureau, which was analyzed recently by the Transportation Planning Board. In its analysis, the TPB found that all jurisdictions added […]


TPB Helps Prince George’s County Identify Corridors for Future Transit Expansions

A long-term vision for the future of Prince George’s County, spelled out by county planners in 2002, calls for nodes of concentrated residential and commercial development connected by high-quality, high-frequency transit service — expanded Metrorail or new light rail or bus rapid transit. A 2012 Transportation Planning Board study has moved the county a step closer […]


Workshop Helps Residents Learn About Transportation Decision-Making in Metro Washington

Seven years ago, the Transportation Planning Board hosted its first Community Leadership Institute, or CLI, a workshop-style event designed to help current or emerging citizen leaders from around the Washington region learn about how transportation decisions are made and how to become more involved in the decision-making process. On Saturday, May 4, a group of 22 […]


“Aspirations” Scenario Provides Alternative Long-Term Transportation Vision for Metro Washington

Imagine a future in which travel options like transit, bicycling, and walking would be safer and more practical for more people in the region, and drivers would have the option to bypass congestion and enjoy more reliable travel times on many of the region’s highways. That’s the predicted effect of the Transportation Planning Board’s “CLRP Aspirations” […]


Surveys Show Transportation Behavior Varies Widely Across Region

The results of a series of in-depth travel surveys released by the Transportation Planning Board in March highlight key differences in how people live and travel in higher-density areas with greater proximity to transit compared to those with lower densities and fewer travel options. Of the seven surveyed areas, the three with the highest population densities were […]

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Sustainable DC: A Major Advance in Moving the Region Forward

Laine Cidlowski, AICP, Urban Sustainability Planner, and Tanya Stern, Chief of Staff, DC Office of Planning On February 20, Mayor Vincent C. Gray released what is being lauded as one of the nation’s most ambitious plans to improve quality of life in the Washington Metro region. The Sustainable DC Plan establishes a bold vision to make […]


New Site Provides Access to Regional Traffic, Transit, and Growth Data

For decades the Transportation Planning Board has made the data and information it collects about the region’s transportation system available to the public, including road traffic counts and transit ridership numbers. Now, the TPB is making much of that information available online so that local planners and decision-makers, developers, consultants, and anyone else can access […]


Studies Focus on Making Areas Near Transit Safer, Easier to Use, and More Affordable

In 2012, the Transportation Planning Board funded three planning studies to look at ways to make commercial and residential areas near transit stations in the Washington region safer and easier to use, or to make those areas more affordable places to live. The TPB funded the studies under its Transportation/Land-Use Connections Program, or TLC, which, […]


Under MAP-21, a Portion of “Transportation Alternatives” Funding To Be Awarded Regionally

Starting this year, under a provision in the latest version of the federal law authorizing the flow of transportation dollars to states and localities in the region, the Transportation Planning Board will decide what projects receive a portion of funding intended for “alternatives to traditional highway construction.” The law makes the funding available directly to […]


Regional Officials on Virginia Transportation Deal: Compromise is Better than Inaction

The Virginia General Assembly came to a deal this weekend to reform transportation funding for the state. The bill will give local jurisdictions the chance to raise and allocate new local funds while also increasing the Commonwealth’s total support for roads and transit. Most elected officials and commentators know that the compromise legislation is not […]


Group Celebrates 20 Years of Citizen Involvement in Transportation Planning in Metro Washington

On a December evening in 1992, a group of Washington area residents gathered for the first meeting of the Transportation Planning Board’s Citizens Advisory Committee. Some members of the group had been attending meetings of the TPB for a while to voice their concerns about a proposal to replace the Capital Beltway’s aging Woodrow Wilson […]


Metro Washington Ranked “Worst” For Congestion, But Options For Avoiding Traffic Are Expanding

For the fourth year in a row, the Washington region was named “worst in the country” in the Texas A&M Transportation Institute’s annual ranking of metropolitan areas based on how much time they say drivers spend “stuck in traffic” each year during the morning and afternoon commutes. According to the TTI ranking, the average driver in […]


Region’s Transportation Planning Board Urges State Leaders to Increase Transportation Funding

Note: We discussed the TPB’s action supporting increased transportation investment in metropolitan Washington in December – the post below provides a more in-depth analysis of the letter and the proposed solutions. In a December letter to state leaders, the Transportation Planning Board (TPB) urged immediate action to increase funding for transportation in the Washington region, citing […]


Scaling Up Electric Vehicles in Metropolitan Washington

Metropolitan Washington regularly finds itself at or near the top of a lot of lists. Some of these distinctions are good, such as being the most educated region in the country, and some of them are bad, such as being one of the most expensive places to live. Unfortunately, “most electric vehicles” is not a […]


Metro Washington Residents Cautiously Receptive to Congestion Pricing, Study Finds

In a recent study of public opinion regarding congestion pricing, the Transportation Planning Board found cautious receptivity to the idea of charging Washington area drivers new fees to use the region’s roads as a way to manage worsening congestion and to pay for much-needed transportation improvements. But the more than 300 people who participated in the […]